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Tingloy Island: Masasa Beach


We just had our day tour here in this island, we went there without even researching hahaha to add on our adventure. 🙂

Tingloy Island is located at the Province of Batangas near Anilao. It is a 3-hour drive from Manila.

We left Manila for Anilao Port at around 6 o’clock in the morning. It’s easier to travel now with the use of waze or google map 🙂 it took us 2 hours to get to Batangas City proper, and a total of 3 hours drive to get to Anilao Port.

There is an 80-seater passenger boat going to Tingloy Island that costs only P80 per head. We embarked the boat at 9:30 AM, it is a big boat and so since its a weekday we needed to wait for the boat to be in full capacity, and if there are no more passengers the boat leaves at 10:30 AM, that’s the earliest they have during weekdays. (but during weekends trip starts at 7AM). Travel time is 1 hour.


Upon arrival at Tingloy Port there will be tricycle that you can ride going to Masasa Beach. It is a 10-minute ride and costs P15 each. Expect a 15-minute easy trek down to the beach.


From the short trek we had I was in love in this place, it felt like this was the first time I had a trip like this hahahaha. There were home stay available in the place and sorry I did not ask how much would it be, you can also rent a tent if you wish to camp at the beach it costs P200 for 2 pax and P400 for the larger tent.


The beach it is amazing, the different depths of color of the sea, oohh the perfect scenery in front of me.

DSCF1810 copy.jpg

And then I saw the sand beneath my feet and the whole place, it was full of garbage, it was dirty, it was sad, it was sad, it was sad, it was sad.

I hate to see a beautiful place like this get ruined by the people. We paid a fee of P30 per head to the locals and I asked them “kuya bakit ang dumi? walang naglilinis?” they said it was always like that whenever there are tourist camping there, but there were hired cleaners for the place once a week, how sad is that? Can we be more responsible in our trash and help the environment get the respect it deserves??

Anyway, we rented a small tent that costs P200 for our things,dscf1853 and our spot is perfect for a small shade 🙂dscf1847

Since we needed to leave in the afternoon and the last trip for the passenger boat is 2:30 PM we decided to hire a private boat back to Mabini for P2000 that is already good for I think 8 persons.

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Via Public Transportation
Ride a bus bound for Batangas City in Buendia or Cubao and get off at Batangas City Bus Terminal Fare is around P160. From there catch a jeepney going to Mabini and ask the driver to drop you at Anilao Port, costs P40. Then take the boat from Anilao Port to Tingloy Isand fare is P80.

Via Private Car
Take SLEX and then all the way to STAR toll and exit at the end of the express way and then use waze or google map 🙂 hahahaha

Toll Gate: P214 + P25 SLEX + P53 STAR Toll = P292 (P584 two way)
Food: P600
Boat : P320  (4 pax)
Tricycle: P60 (4 pax)
Tent:  P200
Envi fee: P120 (4 pax)
private boat: P2000

TOTAL: P3,884 / P971 per person

Thank you for reading pls leave your comments or dont hesitate to ask questions 🙂

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Taiwan Visa: Guide

20161203_172210-01.jpegYes there is a visa required for all Filipino citizens before traveling to Taiwan. Do not worry its just easy as 123.

For Filipinos who have visa issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, any of the Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, or the United States you do not have to apply for Taiwan visa you just have to meet these conditions for a travel certificate to Taiwan:

  1. Valid resident or permanent resident card
  2. Valid entry visa (may be electronic visa)
  3. Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan

In addition to that, you must meet the following conditions to be eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate:

  1. Your passport must have remaining validity of at least six months.
  2. You must have your airline roundtrip ticket.
  3. You must never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.

IF you do not have any visa issued by the above mentioned countries you may apply your visa personally at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, located at 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1200, Metro Manila, Philippines

For those who intend to travel to Republic of China(Taiwan) for a short visit these are the requirements :
1. An online Visa Application Form, be sure to fill up this form and print it out before going to the embassy. Printed form is valid for 15 days only.
2. Two passport size photos with white background (taken w/in the last 3 months).
3. Passport valid for at least 6 months and old passport showing previous travels (I did not bring my old passport )
4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO ( You can apply here and delivered straight to your home)
5. Marriage Contract issued by NSO (if female applicant is married)
6. Certificate of Employment
7. Financial statements of the applicant (Bank Book or Bank Statements) (This is the most essential requirement of all I suggest you have at least P50,000 on your bank and request for 3 months bank statement)
8. Its better to submit your detailed itinerary as well
9. Submitted to this office should be Original and with 1 photocopy

NOTE: Applicants over 60 years of age for tourist purpose may waive the documents No.6 and No.7 above.


  1. You must submit a valid ID at the receptionist of the embassy and get a number (your queue)
  2. Go to the 41F ask the guard he will help you file up your requirements, prepare your form and the picture.
  3. Wait for your number to called, and submit the requirements I waited for about 3o minutes depending on the applicants and agencies applying.
  4. After submitting your documents you will be asked to be seated to be called for payment. Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 5.05.32 PM.png
  5. After payment you are already done just hold on to the slip they gave you, other person can claim your passport as long as they present that slip.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 5.08.08 PM.png

Just take note of these times:
Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 5.08.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 5.10.48 PM.png

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines

Office hours for the consular affairs: Monday – Friday 08:45 – 16:45,(morning: filing, afternoon: releasing) noon break 11:45 – 13:45
Address: 41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1200, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 8876688
Fax: (63-2) 8877679

Boracay Birthday Celebration

dsc_4555-01This trip was my birthday celebration and of course I wanted to celebrate it with all the people who I love and some of them were not able to be there in that little celebration.


My flight going there was supposed to be via Caticlan but due to typhoon Karen all the flights of Cebgo was cancelled and of course I wanted to be in Boracay for my celebration so I grabbed the 3:30 PM Kalibo flight for us. After waiting for hours at Terminal 4, where there are a lot of  Cebu Pacific also cancelled that flight and of course I have no right actually we do not have the right to complain since it was all due to the weather, so they transferred us to 5:15 flight with bigger aircraft in Terminal 3. So originally from 12NN flight via Caticlan our actual flight was 6:15 PM via Kalibo.

After an hour of flying we landed to Kalibo. The airport was small, upon exit there would be a lot of people on your way offering transportation to Caticlan, some would offer P200 ($4) just the fare for the van; some would offer P250 ($5) van and boat fare included; some would offer P600 ($12) van and boat transfers plus hotel transfer with the terminal fee and environmental fee included, if you wanted to feel safe and do not want to haggle and be annoyed by all the people outside the airport Cebu Pacific offers the same service on board for P650 ($13). Of course we did not take any of those since I was handling a group of 13 it was easier to haggle for a lower price, we took 2 vans for our group so we could have a comfortable 2-hour ride.

At first we were worried that we could not take any boat anymore since we arrived late in the evening but in relief our drivers told us that the ferries going to Boracay Island is already available 24 hours (night differential rate applies after 10PM). Considering typhoon Karen creating strong winds and waves in Caticlan Jetty Port, all ferries was transferred to Caticlan Tabon Boat Terminal, better because cheaper prices in this port hahaha. We paid P100 (around $2)  for the terminal fee and environmental fee; and another P30 (less than a dollar) for the boat fare.


The trip was just 15 minutes.

At the Tambisaan Jetty port there were minivans there that would take you to your hotel, if your hotel was in station 2 near D’mall it should only be P250 ($5) for the whole van so if you are a group of 10 that’s just P25 per person 🙂

For our first night we stayed at W hostel a few steps away from D’mall through Agoda. (click here for our detailed experience in the hostel). I took a dormitory-type room good for 8 persons.

After a couple of minutes we went to the main beach at station 2 and my friends were already at the Epic Bar waiting for us and we spent the night there, I mean you know party. 🙂



It was already past 4 when we were abed last night after the Epic party and it was good news that we were able to get our free breakfast at the hostel, well thank goodness my mom’s flight was not cancelled or delayed that day and she was at the hostel by 7 O’clock.  After we had our brunch we changed clothes and headed to the stations.

D’mall was still the same scene except for the new shops there but the beach stations it was devastating I mean I was there few year ago but it was so much different now, it is still beautiful of course but  I could see that everything was all about money, they do no care about preserving the beach putting all those barriers, (because of the typhoon)  it was okay since maybe they’re also trying to protect the tourist from strong winds but I suggest put on some decent ones like what Hennan Resort did and not the ones that looks like trash. I’m sorry but I love Boracay that is why I am so concerned to it.

We checked out from W Hostel at around 12NN and waited for an hourly van service to Alta Vista,  but we just decided to take a tricycle going there (we do not want to wait for an hour just to get there), we paid P250 ($5) each tricycle, it was 10-15 minutes ride from D’mall and is near Puka Beach.

We booked 2 loft-style rooms for our group for P3,200 ($67) , and a deluxe room for Jerwin’s parents.

After few minutes of preparation we head back to D’mall through our free shuttle 🙂

The beach was a little bit dirty not with junks but with all the debris from the typhoon but the sand still powdery beneath my feet. Whew! It was always such a pleasure to be there again. The waves were stronger and bigger but still safe to swim. (click here for the video).

There were beach beds around stations 1 and 2 that you can use but of course for a fee, we paid P300 ($6) to use it until sunset. As I’ve said  everything there comes with money.

We ended celebrating my birthday at Alta Vista drinking all the  4 tequilas I bought that caused me the 5kg over baggage from my purchased 15kg.

Day 3

Our reservation comes with free buffet breakfast and everybody’s loving it, we ate by the restaurant viewing the infinity pool and the construction site. I was not feeling well as I woke up, after I ate my breakfast I got high fever and its really bad I had to rest while the others would be going to Puka Beach 😦 . Alta Vista offers free shuttle going to and from Puka Beach 🙂 they left the resort at 10am and me and Raymond were left behind since I need to rest I couldn’t even move 😦

By 12NN they were back from the tour and I still am sick, since we wanted to try other resorts in Boracay we needed to check out in Alta Vista and check in at Fairways and Bluewater Resort, and its hassle free since we had our free shuttle accompanied us to the other resort.

The Fairways is big and they had to fetch us from the entrance by the guard house to the reception area, we booked for only 2 rooms since we thought that 4 adults in a room would be okay but they were very strict regarding extra persons.  We paid P900 ($19) for the extra persons on top of the P3,600 ($75) we paid per room. We waited for another half an hour for the rooms to be ready.

When our rooms were all ready we were again transferred to our villa the Michaela. It was like 5 minutes away from the reception by a shuttle, room was okay, not as big as the one we had in Alta Vista.

It was already past 3 in the afternoon when we prepared to go out in the stations again, its really kind of  time consuming the waiting of the shuttle going in and out of the resort and going to and from D’mall.

We ate our late lunch at the “paluto” area in the “palengke” where you got to buy your own ingredients and have it cooked by the restaurants. We waited for around 30 minutes to have all our foods cooked it cost us P380 ($8) each person. I suggest that you just eat at the restaurants beach side at stations 1 and 2 it’s all the same  minus the time consumed going to the “palengke” and the shopping your own food thing 🙂

We did not have enough time to do some other activities since it was already late but we were satisfied enjoying the whole stretch of white beach, walking through its powdery white sand, looking through its blue water, and the sun touching our skin. We ended our day sipping at Jonah’s delicious shake. Then we head back to our resort.

Thought we ended our day but late in evening we decided to go back to the stations and drink cold beer in front of the famous beach, I did not drink any and I had to wear my jacket since I was sick 😦 huhuhu.

Day 4

We woke up early for our buffet breakfast, the resort is big so you have to know where you should take your breakfast, ours was in Terraza by the infinity pool overviweing the private beach. Food was awesome there are so many to choose from.

After we ate we went down to the beach where we spent our remaining hours before checking out.

We checked out and left the place around 11:30 am for our Caticlan flight, the tricycle from Fairways and Bluewater resort to the port costs P250 ($5), while boat and terminal fees together costs P55 ($1) each, it took us 15 minutes to get to Tabon boat Terminal. Tricycle from the port to the airport costs P200 ($4).

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1:45 pm, due to delayed flights we left Caticlan 6:15 PM c/o Cebu Pacific.

W Hostel : a night of stay


photo grabbed from W Hostel


I booked ut at W hostel through Agoda and it was a little cheaper than their walk- in rate which is P600.00 for one bed in an 8-bed mixed dormitory type.

W Hostel is located at 2nd Floor, Gil & Park, Bldg, Road 1A Boracay, it is one block away from D’Mall thus making it the perfect spot for backpackers. The place is neat and clean and I will give it a 5 star for that.

You will see a lot of photo ops design per floor.

These are just some:20161016_224756-01.jpeg20161016_224830-01.jpeg




grabbed from W Hostel

The room is also clean, air conditioner was working fine though there was water dripped from the unit unto our room floor. Each bed has its personal space, each has 2 sockets, flexible pin light, a locker where you could keep your things and a curtain per bed where you could have your privacy.



Our room pardon the mess


grabbed from W Hostel

Restroom is also clean even it was a shared bathroom, though the red-colored theme for female restroom was not so pleasant in my eyes.



grabbed from W Hostel

Breakfast is free served from 7 am – 10 am at the common area, we had rice porridge or congee, toasted bread, jams (pinepapple, strawberry), peanut butter spread, and egg doneness of your choice.


common are grabbed from W hostel

Over all experience was great but not ideal for families and lovers, I will recommend this to  all the backpackers and friends on tight budget.

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