Anawangin Cove | What its like after a Year


After a year I decided to go back in this place so dear to me 🙂 It was our last year in college and I lure them to have our graduation trip in the cove, unlike the first time, we just had to commute this time.

We met at Victory Liner, Pasay  around 1100 PM but the others were not on time so the last trip to San Antonioleft already. I thought we wont gonna make it there.  So what the boys did was they rented a van which cost us 350 per head, and the van did not drop us to San Antonio, instead a he dropped us somewhere we do not know so we had no choice but to rent a jeep that will take us to Pundaquit where we could rent a boat to Anawangin Cove.

In Pundaquit, we rented the Amazing Pundaquit boat where the owners were very hospitable and even let us stay cause it was too early when we got there, it was 500 AM, but just in the right time cause we still have to buy our food from San Antonio market place since the Jeep we rented was on that way too we asked for a hitch and dropped us to the market.  It was a big wet market that all we needed were in there we bought some fish to grill and some meat to make Adobo, after we got all we needed we rode a tricycle to Pundaqiut.


When haring araw was starting to paint the horizon with its rays we set sail, and this time the boat we rented was big enough for all of us and it was cheaper than the boat we rented the last time I went here, it was only 1800 that was good for 20 persons already.

As we were approaching the cove I was starting to see small colorful things hanging, and I was surprised that over just a year there were so many changes happened to the Cove, the colorful things that I was seeing were the small flags attached to the fences placed on the beach.

It was really a different ambiance from what Anawangin I experienced a year before, but the cove is still pretty amazingm we decided to stay at the pine trees behind the lake for more “outdoors” experience and as we roam around the cove we realized that it was better to pitch our tents on the most left side of the cove and near the beach.


They now have several cottages available for those who do not have tents.

And several nipa huts

After that tiring walk we had cause the spot we have chosen was farther than we thought, we [inched our tents

we decided to cook some food and eat. We like this spot because it was less crowded and we were beside the mountain 🙂

had some grilled bangus

and newly catch squid
After eating we, the girls, decided to trek the mountain I once trekked and the boys were left off for their early drinking session.

from right to left: Me, Azel, Avhie, Yen and Mac
As we move along I noticed that the water level went down a LOT! (not because it was low tide but that is how it is now permanently) It was not like before the shore was wider, I thought that its because of the global warming LOL 🙂 You can even see the mark of the water level before, it is still good but last year’s better.

As you can see in the picture below the sea level was so low that the lake water was stuck there (that is why its so stagnant) unlike the one we experienced last year


And my favorite tree still sitting there! 🙂

and we reached the top!

Before dusk we retreated to our campsites.
Also in my bewilderment, the calm water that the cove gave me last year was gone, it now has big waves (well not that big) but you will notice the waves on the center part of the cove, in my opinion, since the cove has a letter C shape the wind must have met at the center from the two ends (well i hope you can figure out what im trying to say here). Anyway, as I swam I also noticed that the rocks were gone, all gone it was all sand and nothing but sand. But the beach now is better than last year.

Be careful, since the rocks were gone and wind is blowing hard the sand were gathered and compiled at the center of the cove, (where the waves are) so  the sand at both sides were very low and the water is high.


With haring araw gone we made a bonfire, enjoying the cove as the darkness engulfs it.

I brought my poi here since there was no electricity the effect was really nice hahaha
The next morning while we have own drinking session theboy had their likr football game 🙂


THats where we had our little drink 🙂 before the water level reaches it but now its an empty s[ace and really clever to put a table there,


we climbed one last time.
We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights, which we originally planned to stay for just 1 night, its up to you what activities you want to do, the owners do not offer water activities yet but I think that soon they will.Four families owned the cove now, that is why it has fence divider and now has a 100 pesos per head per night fee

A lot of BIG changes happened to the cove, the beauty that the cove offers before was very unique unlike the beauty it offers now, but it still is remarkable let us just help it save its beauty by just putting our garbage to  one container.

Helpful info.

if by public transportation:
1. Take a bus to San Antonio, Zambales. the easiest you get is the Victory Liner at Pasay if you are near the place. The fare is PHP 250 if they didn’t change their prices.
Travel Time: 2 – 2.5 hrs.
*I suggest you leave Manila early to maximize your time.2. When you get to San Antonio, you can take a tricycle to Pundaquit. But before that you might want to stop at the wet market first to buy some stuffs you will be needing in the island.

4. Get a boat from Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove. There are lots of boat that cater the service and you should use your haggling skills.

if by Private Car:
1. Head to NLEX.
2. Head for the SCTEX.
3. Follow the signs to the SCTEX.
4. Be sure to exit at Subic which is just head to the right
5. Head for the gate at the end of Dewey Street.
6. Exit Subic. You should see the Olongapo Public Cemetery in front of you. Turn Left.
7. Stay on the road. You will be passing through a number of towns on the way including; Subic Town, Castillejos, the San Marcelino.
8. When you reach San Marcelino, at the public market you will see an intersection. If you head straight you will be headed towards Iba. You should turn left to San Antonio
9. When you get to San Antonio, head straight till you see the Municipal Hall and the Church. At the end of the main road you should turn LEFT.
10.  Follow the signs headed to Pundaquit. The streets are parallel and perpendicular to one another so you should find the road.
11. When you reach Pundaquit Beach… I suggest you keep on following the road till you see parking areas to your left. Park the car then inquire about boats to Anawangin.  Parking is (well, used to be the last time I was there) around P50 for the day.

*Optionally, you could hike across the mountains to Anawangin.

(directions from Lakwatsero)


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